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OMNI AWAKE is a full service Mindfulness and Meditation consultancy.  We pioneered one of the first and longest running corporate mindfulness programs, the Awake@Intel Program.   Now, we hope to share this practice with you, to help you reawaken your connection to yourself and to your work.







Empathy & Compassion

Course Design

We consult with companies across the world on how to design and implement Mindfulness programs specific to their company's needs.

Heart Wisdom

Corporate Mindfulness

We offer a comprehensive 10-week course in Mindfulness and meditation.  Our unique course design combines understanding and experience of Mindfulness for the learner.




The fundamental principles behind our program involve an inclusive approach built on a platform of respectful attention to others, a non-judgmental attitude, and a peaceful heart stemming from balanced lives and compassionate self-care.

Individual Coaching

We provide one on one consulting  with business leaders and individuals interested in cultivating a deep personal practice and applying it to every aspect of their lives.