Mindfulness & Meditation with Omni Awake: A 9-Week Journey Within


Yoga Union

2305 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97215
Tuesday / May 2nd / 7pm

Please join Omni Awake for an incredible journey deep into the center of ourselves and into connection with others. Together, we will learn how to bring our full awareness into the present moment through both conceptual learning and embodied practice.  Mindfulness practice will profoundly shift how you think, work and live.

This class is limited to 25 participants and will meet weekly for nine weeks. Why 9 weeks? Harvard Medical's neuroscience research shows that at least 8 weeks of regular meditation produces measurable changes in the brain; increasing the density of the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for executive decision making, creativity and insight and shrinking the amygdala, thefight, flight or freeze response.  

Experiencing how meditation works in the body and mind & cultivating new habits for mindful awareness in your everyday life will increase your emotional resilience and bring you closer to inner stillness and peace.