Empowering Organizational Health
with Mindfulness

Omni Awake’s Mindfulness and Meditation services have been carefully designed to help innovative companies enhance the energy, resilience, and connectedness of their professional communities. We work with organizations who deeply value their employees and know that the benefits of a vibrant, activated workplace are immeasurable.

Our story began at Intel, where we pioneered the first and longest running corporate mindfulness program, Awake@Intel. It was a huge success that genuinely inspired us to help companies of all sizes improve many areas, from employee productivity and well-being to executive decision-making.


Inclusive. Empathic. Transformative.

Our secular platform is inclusive of all people and builds on the core pillars of respectful attention to others, a non-judgmental outlook, and a peaceful heart. By cultivating self-awareness and compassion, the wellness of the individual benefits the brilliance of the organization.

Our dynamic methodology provides professionals with fundamental skills to help manage modern stress, nurture creativity, ignite problem solving acumen, and cultivate emotional intelligence. Our framework gently encourages deeper personal work within the context of a professional atmosphere. We also work with individuals and non-professional groups interested in bringing mindfulness practice to their project, community or individual experience.


Mindfulness Research Meets Ancient Wisdom

It is now widely accepted that mindfulness, connection, and empathy make for healthier, happier, higher-performing professional communities. In the last 5 years, the field of neuroscience has begun to quantify the results of Mindfulness meditation practice. Many organizations are awakening to the fact that the path to sustainable business growth is built on a foundation of some form of mindful practice.

In an increasingly purpose-driven modern business culture, the most innovative minds and talented thought-leaders are gravitating toward companies that are invested in their team and their team’s well-being. We love helping companies lean into this powerful truth.