OMNI AWAKE is dedicated to delivering a secularized mindfulness and meditation training that is available to and inclusive of all people. Our team’s highest aim is to help relieve suffering by teaching the simple but powerful practice of quieting the body and mind. Only then can we shine the light of awareness on our hearts and minds, so that we might see and hear more clearly and live deeply grounded in presence.

Lindsay Benjamin

Chief Executive Officer

Lindsay has studied yoga and meditation for 20 years in both Buddhist and Yogic traditions. She has also worked for Intel as a technical business woman in many different capacities.  She has an MBA from Arizona State and a professional certificate in Decision Analytics from Stanford.  She is a certified Yoga teacher (YTT-200) and certified to teach meditation.  She is also an ordained Kriyaban in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda.  In 2012, Lindsay co-founded the Awake@Intel program and today remains its creative director. Through the Awake@Intel program, she has helped reach over 5000 employees with the practice of mindfulness and meditation. She has helped to scale the program globally and out into University settings.  She has spoken at several Mindfulness conferences and currently sits on the Mindful Leaders panel in Silicon Valley.  She is also a dedicated mother and wife.

Qua green shirt crop.jpg

Qua Veda

Chief Frequency Officer

Inspired by profound personal benefits, Qua has practiced meditation and other awareness enriching techniques for 4 decades, including 8 years of full time learning and teaching. He holds an MS in Engineering and a 30 year career in leading high-tech companies. He retired from his career at Intel in 2016 after co-founding Awake@Intel with Lindsay. He lives in rural Oregon with his wife, pets and horses.


Liz McCausland

Chief Business Development Officer

Liz is a long-time resident of Portland, Oregon and a lifelong seeker of truth.  She has worked for multiple small businesses, including 14 years as a partner running the operations of a successful, local boutique. She finds balance through deepening connections within her personal and greater community, her regular Hatha Yoga practice, and enjoying the splendor of the Oregon wilderness.


Gail Dundas

Chief Communications Officer

Gail is a student of life who found meditation at the office at a time when balance felt out of whack in her life. With these new tools, she was set on a better path. She is a long-time yoga practitioner and recently accredited Yoga instructor. A graduate of the Awake@Intel program, Gail is currently earning her meditation certification. She worked on reputation issues like education and diversity for Intel Corporation for nearly 20 years. She holds a Masters of Science in Communications Management. She is mother to two teenagers and lives at the Oregon Coast.