10-week Mindfulness Course

Weekly Sessions Include:

  • Group Sharing
  • Arrival Meditation
  • An Introduction to the Topic of the Week
  • Combination of Journaling, Timed Writing and Dyads or Small Group Sharing
  • Longer Integration Meditation
  • Closure, Group Sharing

Each session is followed up with an email of the week’s course material, homework questions for journaling and additional reference material
The first half of the course focuses on cultivating stillness in the individual. The second half of the course aims at bringing that stillness into our relationships and connection with others. We provide journals and books in addition to the course material to further support the student’s learning. Each course begins and ends with a survey.

Custom Consultation

Development of mindfulness programs designed to meet specific needs (specific organizational challenges, specific industries, age groups, gender issues, diversity and inclusion issues)

Train the Trainer

We believe that mindfulness programs inside existing business can only become self-sustaining if their own employees are trained to facilitate and keep the program growing after the initial 10 week training.

Community Engagement

We work with individuals outside of the business setting, teaching in our local Portland community at a few select Yoga studios. This new, unique offering allows us to explore the body and movement in connection with mindfulness and meditation.  This offering is open to any individual interested in taking the OMNI AWAKE course.

One on One Consulting

A very powerful form of engagement that allows for an opportunity to truly see oneself, with little place to hide! Here we pair one of our teachers with individuals seeking a more direct path to the self-awareness and connection gained through mindfulness practice.