Omni Awake teaches secular mindfulness and meditation practice in the workplace.
Through a series of thoughtfully designed, research-based programs and consulting services, we’re bringing our passion for conscious organizational culture to companies of all shapes and sizes.

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How We Got Started

This important and impactful work began at Intel, one of the largest global corporations. Founded in 2012 by Lindsay Benjamin and Qua Veda, Awake@Intel was one of the first corporate mindfulness programs in the world. Its premier was groundbreaking in many ways.

Awake@Intel’s flagship program created a centralized, inclusive 10-week course that taught employees mindfulness and meditation practice as a way of seeing and hearing more clearly, cultivating self-awareness and compassion and relieving stress. The outcomes also included improved concentration, …

Expanding Our Reach

Omni Awake is our opportunity to share with a wider audience what we’ve learned about teaching secularized mindfulness and meditation in a work environment. We’re working locally and globally to help businesses understand their unique organizational challenges and strengths. From there, we create customized mindfulness programs tailored to each company’s specific needs. We are also serving small organizations and groups outside of the corporate setting.

Our approach balances modern scientific findings with ancient non-religious practices, offering an innovative way forward for modern companies. We’re thrilled to share all new content interwoven with the latest research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and physics, as they apply to mindfulness.